To the Motherland!

“Darling, Sweetie… Where’s our yacht?”

girls on tour


Me and my life companion. She came along for moral support.

After a lovely relaxing holiday with the Fam. I’ve finally set up base in Coimbra, but it hasn’t been easy!

Since deciding that I wanted to pursue languages I’ve been so looking forward to my year abroad at uni. When the time came round to pack my bags, I suddenly felt no way near ready for it at All.  Suddenly, there were 1001 things I needed to do the week running up to my departure, which should have seemingly been done weeks ago, if not months.

But here I am in one piece, after lots of ups and downs* in my new humble abode.

20130904_134610Home Sweet Home

A little ‘cosy’ I suppose you could call it…

Kiddddiinnggg! This is my new home ( top floor, right window)

20130903_143254The mini Coop is unfortunately not mine 😦

I love my new crib.

It’s by a Praça da Republica, which probably means nothing to you. But basically, I feel like I’m living down les champs Elysee, if a little less grand.

It’s still early days and not even a quarter of the students have arrived here, but from the large groups of students heading towards my area of town, it seems to be that i’ve chosen the location where all the clubs + bars are.

Great for partying, but not so great for sleeping.

It’s less than 10 mins from the uni, 10 mins from the centre of town and the landlord is such a babe. The sweetest, kindest, elderly gentleman I’ve ever met. I want him to adopt me as his granddaughter.

Everything is new and everything has been provided; knives, forks, pots and pans, plates… everything apart from towels and bed sheets. What a QT.

I only came across this gem because I saw a ‘for rent’ sign on the door with the door wide open. Being the curious creatures my family are, we all popped our heads in to have a look around.

Call it luck, call it fate, I’m just so bloody happy that we found this place.

Click the photo just there  to see a lil view of my place (Warning: This video may be of awful quality)           ➷➷➷


Tchau!! x

* This is my attempt at a joke about Coimbra. I’ll explain: It’s a very hilly place, and there’s a lot of walking up and down hills involved when it comes to looking for accommodation. To find accommodation in Portugal you have to look out for home made, A3 sized adverts on lampposts, walls and windows like this:


It’s the worst system ever.


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