Busy bee


It feels like this happened ages ago, as we’ve been up to so many things since. But i’ve only been in Portugal for about 2 months. Is that it?! It feels like I’ve been here for half a year (in a good way)

Firstly, I want to apologise for not writing a new post in a very long time. I’ve been quite distracted with life here, which i suppose shows you that i’m settling in well here and that there’s always something to do. So long as that something is,  of course, eating or having coffee with someone. Portugal claim to be in an economic crisis*, but how can it be so with the rate of people eating out?!

* I was very dubious too at first, but after living here a while and chatting to people about it, you start to see the effects of the crisis. Being in an economic crisis seems to be a very european thing.

Just to prepare you, and to make up for lost time here’s a brief update of what I’ve done so far and will be writing about soon:

– Trip to the beach at Figueirra de Foz,
– Kayaking and visiting family friends,
– Doing the Colour Run in Porto,
– Seeing new musicians/ DJs such as Cyberpunkers,
– Going to a proper portuguese party,
– Seeing a Football match,
– Watching the Serenata leading to the…
– …Latada
-…, which ended with the Cortejo,
– and a day trip to Lisboa.

I’m already looking into trips to see friends in France, Copenhagen and Spain. As well as looking into another adventure to Lisbon, bungee jumping, a photography course and skiing in Serra de Estrela. But we will see how things go. First, I have to pass my exams this weekend. Wish me luck!

20131028_174908I’ll leave you with a photo of the beautiful autumn sunset from last week.

Beijinhos (kisses)